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Strike Sport Motoraj Marathon - Romania.

This rally has got 5 years tradition, is organized by professionals and it is great opportunity to take part in this event. Race is scheduled between 28th. July and 2nd. August 2013 and will take place in region of Brebu Nou, where beautiful Romanian mountains are waiting for you.

As in the previous year, also in 2013 the race is organized for 4 categories: Enduro 125cc, Touristic enduro single cylinders over 600cc, Touristic enduro two cylinders 600-800cc, Touristic enduro two cylinders over 800cc, Quad and UTV.

Rally tracking was made by skilled riders and trails are equally difficult, so you can also enjoy the beauty of Romanian nature. There are prepared 4 routes, which will cross mountain chain Semenic and Retiezat in central Romania, where you will meet all types of terrain surfaces. From necessary asphalt crossing, to gravel in valleys and grass roads on the top of the mountains. From all types of stones to water crossing and mud, everyone will find what he likes.

The race itself will be composed of 4 all day stages in length of cca 200km. Each stage will be composed of stages with time limit and one or more special stages. For navigation there will be used roadbooks.

The base is situated in Brebu Nou and there will be also prepared first class accommodation in pleasant pension and catering during all day. Also there will be possible to use drying room for clothes and shoes, service background and washing area. Of course there will be present mobile ambulance to assist during the race and there will be present also pick-up service for broken vehicles.

The price of taking part is 500Eur, where is included starting fee, accommodation, catering and to attend the race, you don´t need anything else than transport to the place and petrol, which will be available in the place.

There are still few empty positions, so there is still possibility to take place in this event and it will be possible to communicate with organizers either in English or German.

Only the best will be winners, but the feeling of victory will get everyone, who reaches the finish!

Closer informations, registration, race instructions and regulations can be found on www.motoraj-rallye.cz

Strike-sport 2013

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