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Aurora Rally Equipment announces the launch of Mk I, a unique rally racing roadbook holder.


The future in Rally Roadbook holders is coming!

Aurora Rally Equipment® announces the launch of Mk I, a unique rally racing roadbook holder. This innovative device promises to change the way riders navigate. By introducing, for the first time in this field, patented technology such as a removable cartridge, magnetic transmission, and detachable paper shafts, it promises to bring new technology in the rally arena! Mk I will be launched at Serres Rally Raid 2013 which takes place between 26th and 31st of August. Be there!

Navigating is a very difficult task, especially if it needs to be done while riding your bike as fast as you can. As a rider you depend heavily on your instruments to navigate, therefore failure of navigation instruments is not an option. Below are some of the pioneering features of Mk I, which will change the way you navigate:
IMGP9254Cartridge with detachable shafts

Mk I’s patented removable interior can be taken out without the need of any tools. Paper can be loaded outside the main shell and this cartridge like interior can be used as an autonomous unit. This possesses some great advantages because during multi stage days the riders can change scrolls in a matter seconds without the need to unload and reload the paper. All it takes is a shaft change. Once the rider puts the removable cartridge back into Mk I, the transmission aligns automatically without any user input. Which brings us to the next innovative design point.
CIMG9214Zirconia and Silicon carbide balls

Mk I’s state of the art magnetic transmission is able to transfer torque through air and through thin walls. Magnets will automatically align every time the user inserts the cartridge back into the body of Mk I. This type of transmission will automatically slip when there is a paper jam or if the motor load increases above a safe value. It has been tuned to protect paper, motor and o-rings. Once the jam has been cleared, magnets will automatically self-align and normal operation is resumed. And if you believe that magnets will interfere with your GPS antennae, fear no more! Mk I design ensures that the magnetic field stays inside the shell and does not interfere with other navigation devices that are placed around Mk I. In addition, this transmission is capable of handling axial, radial and angular misalignment. In the event of an accident there is plenty of room for tolerance errors. Even if the internals suffer a permanent damage, provided that the damage stays within limits, Mk I will continue to operate b
ecause the magnets will continue to transfer torque through the misaligned shafts.
CIMG9216Attention to detail

Enormous capacity. Since the shafts are now removable, up to 92 pages of A5 can be fed at any time. If this is not enough, a spare shaft can be carried by the riders so that they swap during refueling in a matter of seconds! Its efficient transmission will operate both forward and rewind so there is no need to turn Mk I upside down for rallies such as Tuareg where the map is rolled from top to bottom.
CIMG9219The power of magnets!

Special o-rings, guaranteed for life. That’s right! We will give you a lifetime warranty for the o-rings. There is nothing worse than having to manual feed the map through the roadbook when the transmission o-rings fail and we wanted to make sure that we reduce this chance to a minimum. If they fail, we will send you free of charge a new set.

Cartridge detail

Paper support. Having an autonomous unit would be of no use if the rider could not mark his own paper scroll with personal notes. Under the A5 paper there is a paper support so that the user can easily mark the rally maps without the need of other, aftermarket devices. After you finish marking, slide the cartridge back into Mk I and you are good to go!
IMGP9231Pulling out the cartridge

Hybrid bearings. These rubber sealed, stainless steel ball bearings run on Silicon Carbide balls. They are sealed for life, but if the worst happens and they run out of oil they will run dry long after you finish your race and you have some time to replace them. Upgrade to full ceramic Zirconia bearings will be available.

Choice of LED colors. When ordering Mk I, you will get to choose the LED color. People tend to have different setups and nowadays there are rally computers with blue, green and amber setups. We will give you the color which matches closely your other navigation equipment. Eye fatigue is decreased to a minimum during night riding! On top of that the geometry has been optimized to get even lighting. Current holders create a ‘moving shade’ effect. When the shafts change diameter the lit area moves from top to bottom in normal operation. Mk I has been optimized to light the paper without the ‘shading effects’ that you normally see in other roadbook holders.
IMGP9246Mk I with cover closed

Watertight, indestructible shell. The shell of Mk I is made of special reinforced thermoplastic. It includes UV stabilizers to protect it against UV attack and it is almost impossible to destroy it. The cover is made out of the same material and we have taken every precaution to make sure that the vital parts stay inside this shell.
IMGP9251To aid riders who create the race course the cover has a removable window. The rider is able to write notes without damaging the paper.

Price and final specifications will be announced on Monday the 1st of July 2013 at www.aurora-rally.com (and in Twitter @AuroraRally)
IMGP4614o-ring details

In Aurora Rally Equipment we believe in bringing new, innovative products in the market. If a new product does not introduce anything ‘new’ to our customers, we will simply not develop it. For more information, follow us on our website at www.aurora-rally.com for the latest news!

50mm paper roll. No problem!

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