Olympia Rally SS4 Messinia / Gortinia

SS4 Messinia / Gortinia

Well we think it is safe to say, when Ancient Olympia rains, it RAINS! Difficult day for all the riders today as the heavens opened up and poured everything they had in reserve. Riders got a mix of sun, rain, over flowing rivers and hail! The weather made the longest special stage of the rally a demanding one and only half of the riders managed to finish the stage. A big overflow at Kladeos River made the situation more complicated for few hours, and the slippery – muddy terrain was playground for experienced riders, but too difficult for the rest.

First to finish the stage was #24 Ard VERMEULEN with #28 Rick van VEEN finishing in second and #23 Lejon FOKKEMA picking up third place. The Greek rider #46 Konstantinos CHATZIMICHALIS managed to pick up 5th slowing move up.

*Top 10*

#28 Rick van VEEN
#303 Timo HEINEN
#23 Lejon FOKKEMA
#46 Kostantinos CHATZIMICHALIS
#37 Onno ELLENS
#32 Eric KLOMP
#325 Gunther NIERLICH
#320 Mortiz HENNEFELD

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